Plug Puller

About Plugpuller

Where it came from:
The idea for this tool came straight from a hard-working plumber in Indiana. Brian had worked hard while building a company that focused on service plumbing. His company grew to have 11 employees with 6 trucks tending to service calls. But he was always trying to improve. After thousands of service calls, Brian came up with an idea that would drastically reduce the time, mess, and expense of opening clogged drains. This idea eventually took the form of the Plastic Oddities® Clean-Out PlugPuller® Tool.

What it does:
The Clean-Out PlugPuller Tool allows you to open a standard clean out, even when the clean out fitting is “under water” or “under pressure.” It does this by providing a water-tight seal to the fitting, allowing you to open the clean out plug, and drain the waste in a controlled manner. But that’s not all. Once the pressure is drained, the tool allows you to work through it, while it continues to manage any displaced fluids from the plumbing system by your snake, auger, or scope. The result? You get to the source of the blockage faster and easier and all sewage is contained, preventing contamination of the home or building. The bottom line? Saved time, and happy customers! Be sure to check out the product video on the home page of our website to see it in action!

How it’s made:
First, we designed custom sockets to fit just about every type of clean out plug we could come up with. Then we over-engineered them to be strong as anything. We custom designed rubber connectors so they will fit most any clean out fitting you’ll encounter. Finally, we came up with a design that fits in the tightest locations... Oh, and one more thing: MADE AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA!
Plug Puller