Plug Puller


So, just how many clean-out fittings will this tool work with? Well, we’ve come up with almost any combinations of cleanout plugs and fittings this tool is designed for. The PlugPuller Tool comes in four different pipe sizes, 1 ½”, 2”, 3” and 4”. Each of these sizes comes with adapters designed to work with raised head, recessed head, slotted, and raised slot cleanout plugs. The adapters are designed to work with PVC, ABS, cast iron, and brass fittings. And just in case you’ve got that one clean-out plug that’s been stuck for a half-a-century, we’ve even got a drill adapter that let’s you pop a hole in that plug, drain the system, and replace the plug.

Our product is made of the sturdiest components we could come up with. The corrosion resistant flexible PVC is designed to stay supple for use after use.The plastic components are over-engineered to be job tough.

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The shafts and adapters are made of hardened tool steel, with a chrome plating to keep performance at a premium, time and time again. Once designed, our product was field tested, to ensure it could withstand the rigors of the plumbing profession. It passed all the tests, and passed them again, and again, and again. The tool is also designed to be safe for use on multi-level plumbing systems, and will safely hold the pressure created by up to 4 stories of clogged plumbing.

We sell our product in two different sets:

PTK1 - 1 ½” and 2” Kit
This kit contains rubber connectors for 1 ½” and 2” cleanout fittings, and comes equipped with 7 different socket components.

PTK2 - 3” and 4” Kit
This kit contains rubber connectors for 3” and 4” cleanout fittings, and comes equipped with 6 different socket components.

Plug Puller