Plug Puller

Saves Money

Every tool you buy should make your job easier. But wouldnít it be great if every tool you purchased also paid for itself over, and over, and over again? Thatís what this tool will do for you.

The Plastic Oddities Clean-Out PlugPuller Tool will make your job easier by allowing you to access clogged plumbing from the cleanout fittings designed to provide the most convenient point of access to a plumbing system. Only you can now do it without having to worry about sewage spraying you and contaminating the surroundings. Most plumbers avoid opening a cleanout that is under pressure for those very reasons, which forces them to take longer routes to finding and eliminating the sources of clogged plumbing systems such as pulling toilets, or going under the kitchen sink. The tool will pay for itself time and time again with the saved time you will gain by accessing clogged pipes from the most efficient location, and by avoiding the time and expense of cleaning up messes created by going other routes to access the plumbing.

Our experts estimate you could save up to 30 minutes on most every service call related to clogged drains by using this tool. (Notice we didnít say you would have to bill any less for opening the same drain in less time.)

So think about it, saved time means you can fit in more service calls, and generate more service revenue, with less hassle, and more satisfied customers, not to mention no more messes to cleanup around the toilet!

Get your Plastic Oddities clean-out PlugPuller Tool today!
Plug Puller