Plug Puller

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Service Plumbers
This tool is absolutely designed for you. We don’t have to remind you of all those times you wished you could open the cleanout, but couldn’t, because it was under pressure. Instead, you pulled the toilet, or you had to get under the sink (and clear out everything under there). And, once you were finished, you had to clean up the mess you made. Or, maybe you tried to open that cleanout, and you have one of those terrible stories we’ve heard time and time again: sewage sprays, perhaps even chemicals, such as Drain-O® spray as well, creating messes, chemical hazards, and environmental concerns. For most plumbers that took the second route, that was the end of the day for them, they were done, and headed straight home for a shower. Armed with the Plastic Oddities Clean-Out PlugPuller Tool, you can go to your next service call with confidence. You’ll be able to perform the same job much faster, and much cleaner. All you have to do is identify the cleanout fitting nearest the blockage, attach the tool, drain the fluids, and rod out the blockage. All this is done while the tool effectively manages the waste, including displaced sewage while you are rodding the blockage. Additionally, the tool can be used in conjunction with a jetting machine, to aid with controlling the water output; all you have to do is attach the rubber connector with its built-in water dam, and determine how you will handle the fluids coming through the drain port. With this tool, you’ll be able to finish your jobs quicker, increase your customer satisfaction, avoid messes,the resulting embarrassment, and possible damage claims. This tool will pay for itself with the time saved in accessing and clearing blockages, and the time saved when spills and messes are avoided. Not to mention, you won’t have to endure another “shower” while opening a cleanout you thought was “clear.”

Rental Property Maintenance
Servicing rental property is always filled with “emergencies,” one of which is that re-occurring call about the clogged drain. If you are a rental property manager or maintenance technician, you are going to find out how much time and expense this tool will save you. Imagine being able to open that cleanout. The one strategically positioned right near the blockage. But you can’t, because if any of the sewage leaks out, you have a huge mess to clean up, and possible damage to your tenant’s ceiling or floor. With this new tool, now you can. Open the clean-out fitting using the tool, drain the waste, and you have just created an access point that will save you hours and hours of work over time. The Plastic Oddities Clean-Out PlugPuller Tool is also designed for multi-level plumbing jobs. Although you will probably never need it, the tool is designed to safely handle the pressure generated by up to four (4) stories of clogged pipes! In addition, you can use the tool in conjunction with a simple ball valve at the drain port to effectively control the disposition of backed-up sewage, even when space is tight.

Industrial Maintenance Technicians
If you maintain complex plumbing, piping, or cooling systems for industrial concerns, this tool will save you time and effort. Instead of just opening those cleanout fittings, and dealing with the mess it creates, now you can effectively drain the waste off of the piping, only without the mess, and without the clean-up. This method can aid in maintaining control over fluids that may present an environmental hazard in these situations, as well as preventing employment hazards due to spilled liquids.

Your plumbing, piping, or cooling systems can now be cleared of blockages the easy way, without the time, mess, and expense of accessing the systems from alternative entry points that don’t make sense.

This tool is great for the do-it-yourself type, or the handyman. If you have ever come across that situation where the plumbing was clogged, and you ended up having to pull a toilet, or access the plumbing from under a sink, we won’t have to tell you twice about this product. This product enables you to open the plumbing from the clean-out (you know, the point that was designed to access the plumbing system). From there, the rest is easy. Drain the sewage, rod the blockage, re-assemble the cleanout and you’re good to go. Your tool is ready for it’s next job too.

Plug Puller